You don’t should take guitar classes very long earlier than you understand that the various hit songs you’ve got heard at the radio over the years, are absolutely composed with handiest a handful of chords.

That revelation tends to shock many new guitar 인천노래방 college students, formerly under the impression that most popular song is complex and musically out of attain.

The reality is that the 3 chord track shape is one of the most not unusual in present day music. From blues to rock to usa to pop, three chord songs are anywhere.

For a starting guitarist that is outstanding information. It approach that the newbie only has to research some basic open chords, and could have the entirety they need to play a ton of famous songs.

Today we are able to make it even less complicated via gaining knowledge of the “simplest guitar music” within the world!

I don’t make that statement primarily based on any authentic claim or scientific research. It’s entirely primarily based on the fact that in my 30 years as a gigging guitar player I even have played one million three chord songs, a half 1,000,000 two chord songs – however not often a one chord music!

But right here it’s far, the song is referred to as “Coconut”, and was made popular in 1971 by Harry Nilsson. The maximum well-known line in the track is “you placed the lime inside the coconut and drink it all up…”. This song has been re-recorded by means of several artists so possibilities are you’ve heard at least one of the variations.

There is one chord on this track, C7. That’s it!

Here’s the way it can be performed:







The best manner to play this is to maintain your hand in a C7 chord inside the open function.

Then play the foundation be aware, C (3rd worry of the fifth string) followed through the notes of the C7 chord as indicated.

Next, the usage of your third finger, however still retaining the C7 chord positioning, play the G be aware at the third be troubled of the 6th string, accompanied with the aid of the notes of the C7 chord as indicated.

This is a not unusual “alternating bass” sample that you could use for lots songs.

The whole music is performed sincerely by using maintaining the C7 chord position and alternating the 3rd finger among the bass notes at the third worry of the fifth string and the 3rd be concerned of the 6th string. Easy!

Actually, the toughest part of playing this music is likewise the perfect because retaining your hand in the same role for 4 and a half of minutes can get tiring after some time.

So now, even in case you handiest understand one chord on the guitar (C7), you could play a complete music from beginning to stop!